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With over 50 different Glaze formulas, we can create custom glazed pottery in the shades and styles that fit your locality or for your client's home or commercial building.

Hand finished and high fired for lasting quality, our PMD Signature Clay, Glazed and Novelty PMD Signature Ceramics are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. These PMD Custom Ceramics styles are sure to enhance the beauty of any home or garden.

The benefits of Terra Cotta ceramics red clay are numerous. Plants just naturally grow better in terra cotta pottery due to its porous nature, which allows the plant to breathe. For plant lovers with not-so-green thumbs, it is reassuring to note that Italian ceramics terra cotta clay pots make over-watering nearly impossible!

Rustic finish pottery from the Yixing region of China. Many simple and classic shapes form 10" -39". Available in Blue/Green, Yellow and Brown Glaze finishes. All Glaze finishes are Unique and have wide variances in color.

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