Carol Shaw, owner of Pottery Mfg & Dist, Inc. with Reuben, manufacturing manager

 Carol Shaw/President and CEO with Ruben Franc/Executive Production Manager


"Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for your interest In Pottery Mfg. & Dist. Inc. Over the years, you have made Pottery Mfg. & Dist. Inc. one of the most demanded lines of premium quality pottery, glaze and clay decor. We appreciate your patronage and will continue to bring you the latest styles, colors and textures at marketable prices to help ensure your success. As always, prompt and courteous customer service and on-time delivery are priority at Pottery Mfg. & Dist. Inc. Thank you again for considering Pottery Mfg. & Dist. Inc. We look forward to hearing from you soon." 

- Carol Shaw, Pottery Mfg. & Dist. Inc. President and CEO



Pottery Mfg & Dist showroom in Gardena CA

Since 1971 Pottery Manufacturing and Distributing has been committed to provide quality clay & glazed pottery with unique hand finished products. Family owned and operated by President and CEO, Carol Shaw and her son Scott Shaw who have both overseen the transition from pottery made in Gardena, California to the building and expansion of the 50,000 Square foot factory now located in Tecate, MX.

Today PMD Signature Ceramics continues the tradition of hand finished containers and unique new glazed finishes to expand the offering to thousands of possibilities! We serve large scale home and garden centers, landscape architects, designers and individual gardening enthusiasts. We employ over 60 employees in our factory, warehouse and offices.

We not only manufacture red clay and glaze pieces in our factory; we also import full containers from AROUND THE WORLD! Our 12,000 sq. foot showroom displays our full offering from 1.5" pots to 40" in diameter clay pots. Our Glazed pots range from 6" to 28" in Diameter in for all your interior decorating needs. Visit our products pages to see the unique product mix available locally in Southern California.

Our factory, located in Tecate, MX., is a premier pottery manufacturing facility, with a staff of over 30 people, and the capability to produce pots from 7" to 28" in diameter. We use three different types of production at the Pottery Manufacturing and Distributing Factory. These production methods are called Press, Slip Cast & Jiggered. Our Press operation is a process where we mix our clay and squeeze it together into the shape of the mold on our Ram Presses. Slip Cast is where we use liquid clay and pour it into a two piece mold. This is for items that can't be created using presses like animals, angels, and pumpkins. Jiggering is a process for making large pots over 20" that are too big and heavy to be pressed. We high fire our pots at over 1850 degrees Fahrenheit. This means the products we make are strong, long lasting and should be enjoyed for many years as long as they have proper care and maintenance.

Our production facility spans over 55,000 sq. ft. Our installations are safe, clean and well-ventilated which, when paired together with our modern machinery and constant personnel training, and Kaizen manufacturing process, it allows us to achieve the production volumes, design selection and packaging types requested by our customers.